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Lilac Package

Lila Pack

A hundred percent full coverage from 3000 euros

A perfect marriage is an absolute source of stress and anxiety. It is often easier to organize effectively with distance.

I propose you to live this adventure together. You remain actors and decision-makers, but I take charge of the important and time consuming planning part of the organization. Contrary to popular belief, your marriage remains fully yours. I do not take over but we build together this wonderful day according to your desires, ideas and budget and adding my expertise, my organization and my address book.

Ready ?

In this Package

Virtual meeting in order to understand your project.

Management of budget including budget spreadsheet.

Vendors search and management

Venues search for selection

I provide you with a web link that can be consulted at any time from the start to the end of your preparation. You can see the progress of your organisation in real time.

Reminder of payment deadlines for various vendors and accessories in order to monthlyize costs and reduce the burden on your budget

Scenography proposal based on your desires

Purchase (at your expense) and storage of the decoration. Avoid moving, I am at your disposal for the decoration shopping.

Setting up of the decoration the day before and the D-day.

Global coordination of the whole marriage. Vendors and stakeholders management. Management of all the unforeseen. The goal is for you and your guests to have an absolutely memorable day.

Virtual advice and appointments. Please do not hesitate to contact me for anything related to your wedding. I would be able to inform you and reassure you. It will take us to agree on a time slot. These meetings can take place via Whatsapp, Telegram, Meet or Zoom.

If you are getting married in Church, I can help you with the preparation of your booklet and its layout. I can also help you in the choice of songs and texts.

In order to integrate these rates into your budget, payment facilities are possible.
These prices exclude decoration and flowers.