Your special day

A peaceful preparation

There are unique moments in life which need to be absolutely in your image.
I offer you my experience and my contacts to turn these moments into awesome memories.
As a wedding planner in Normandy,
I am committed to setting up a wedding in your image. Refined, elegant, fun, dynamic, at least with YOUR emotion.
Stay calmly involved in the preparation and I take care of all the details and implementation.
Are you ready for this extraordinary adventure?

NP Events

it is

Nothing left to chance. Rigor, structure and anticipation down to the smallest details

Refinement is not a barrier to fun and offbeat. All you need is the right ideas

My role is to assist you and be at your side with great gentleness and discretion

Beauty, Glamour, glitters, smiles, tears of joy, your fairy tale

Do not hesitate


I am available in the regions of Eure, Eure et Loir, Seine Maritime, Yvelines, Val d'Oise, and Paris to enjoy the smiles of your guests, your tears of emotion, the stunning atmosphere and refinement of your event.

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